My First Post

Young plant growing in sunshine(Shallow Dof)

If you had asked me some two years back if I would ever own a blog, slowly and thoughtfully, I would have scratched my head and answered “I don’t think so”. My reason: the kinda blog I’ll want to do will be demanding – fresh, original posts and I’m still a capital L Learner writer.

But fortunately or unfortunately (yet to figure that out), my smart elder brother was the first to suggest, scratch that, insist, I own a blog. Reason? He read some piece I did and thought – bam! Then my sis, Obinna Udeh, Sarah Omosimua, Chidinma Azubuike, Susan Echa, Angela Mannix…all insisted! *slaps face*

It took me over a year to finally take that advice.

My reason? When I wrote that piece, I was dealing with some serious writer’s block and was only testing to see if I still or even ever had some juice. To me, it was just an okay piece till bro got so excited on reading it and suggested what I’m yet to get around as a smart idea.

So why am I doing it now, after a year? I opened this blog yesterday, New Year Day as a landmark event – *drum roll* the start of something good. I’m not sure what exactly it is but I’m definitely sure what it is not. It is not a regular blog; it is more of a thought pad for fiction and non-fiction to be shared for now every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (so help me God, Amen).

So, what you’ll be reading here may be imperfect but it will definitely be my random thoughts, my two kobo on everthing, anything. As I share mine with you, I trust you’ll share yours too.

This isn’t your regular blog, permit my insistense. It’s a thought bank – mine, yours. Better still, to get what I’m saying, slowly and thoughtfully mouth these words: “my two kobo”. It makes sense now, don’t it?

P.S. This was spontaneous that’s why it’s probably wack. We’ll work on getting better with time.

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21 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. Am sure U’ll do great love and am so proud of u! Am also sure it won’t be easy but am certain U’ll overcome the difficulties ahead (lack of mb, power failure, ur normal skois😉 & above all, d criticisms) #SoHelpUsGod

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  2. congrats my darling …it’s not so easy ,had to put mine on hold for my kids,but your nice writeups brought me traffic. I trust you will/can do it …I will be here always to read and contribute …Good luck and the very best my love….

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