Letter To A Friend

Dear Friend

Dear Dear Friend,

Whoever said “poverty is a thing of the mind” is a wise man: build him a statue.

You’ll find that those who are really rich have no problem being simple. They could step out in a clean casual wear to a dinner less rich people would have turned to a “who-rocked-it-better” competition. Yet, you’ll swear their outfit is “finely stately”, their laughter silky and their flops deliberately unique.

Look a little closer and you’ll see that it is not their expensive properties you admire; it is their carriage. After all, “cheap” and “expensive” are relative terms. To one who earns a fine 6-figure, a N10k weavon may be “so cheap are you sure it’s original” but to someone who earns N10k, a N1k weavon could be “freakingly expensive it could pass for madness”.

Dear dear, rest assured, our hustle will pay and the first category will find us. But while we are on our way there, we should not sweat it. On some days, we would mindlessly spend our salary on shopping treats, eating strange food, taking selfies and tagging them “YOLO baby!” Other days, we would save first before we spend from our salary, eat all the grains of rice and chew the chicken bone in that restaurant. We wouldn’t dress wondering if someone thinks it’s cheap or use cutleries because we don’t want people thinking we are razz.

And when we do all these we have said we wouldn’t do, it will be not because we are concerned of being judged with poor financial status. It will be because we want to. We will do this effortlessly, without thinking about it and so birth our, though not wealthy, but still our own carriage. If someone dares to finally show us where the social rules they think we are breaking are written, we will tell them we are re-writing all the rules.

Yours in happiness fanaticism,

Image source: Homewiththeboys.net


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