Some Things Are Neither Black Nor White

Black or white

You’ll have to realize that the only universal rule of life is that all must die. No matter what the best orator, author or teacher tells you, humans and life in general are too complex to be limited to fixed rules.

Consider this event:
During a written interview for a position in an Engineering firm, the interviewees had been instructed as follows: “give the answers to the following questions”.

Each question had options. Some interviewees simply chose the options, others chose options and gave workings. The former group of interviewees argued that they simply followed instructions which didn’t ask for workings (and that is what employers want: respect, obedience). The latter argued that they took the initiative plus the workings too were answers (which is also what employers want: think outside the box).

Now, who is right and who is wrong?

Image Source: Zakkapuatoday


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