On New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

I like the theory of “a new year”. It could be a delusion – or an illusion – that there is actually something called “a new year”. I mean, there is no dramatic pause in time even if it is for a few seconds, or the sudden appearance of 13th hour on everyone’s clock, or a change in Thursday the 31st waking into Sunday the 1st or anything at all to just glamorously announce the commencement of a new year.

It is just an endless string of days that humans, who so greatly love delusions more than they care to admit, have so thoughtfully divided and created the concept of a new year. But what does it matter? For we all love the thrill that comes with “a new year” and it is on that thrill that new year resolutions are borne.

I find it amusing when I see people who are so quick to denounce that they make New Year resolutions. They do so like they are denouncing a habit left only for a select “weird” people, like saying you eat snakes or frogs. In our clime, that’s how many spell “yuck!”

But we all make resolutions, as even the decision not to make a new year resolution is a resolution in itself. Stretching it a bit further, deciding that the new year will be better than the previous year is a resolution. The only difference is that some have chosen to carefully list what would define their better year, if fate could be whipped to shape by their hands, and see if they could religiously keep to them. And there is totally nothing “yuck” about that.

The “yuckiness” of the new year resolutions are primarily fattened by the fear that before March, all would have been broken. But like a wise man once said “a goal is not always meant to be achieved; it often serves simply as something to aim at”.

Say we break all the listed or unlisted resolutions on a daily, we’ll take a lesson or two in discipline and start all over again. The new year resolutions can metamorphose into new day resolutions; after all by March, it is hardly a new year. But a new day? Endless! Somehow, we’ll keep pushing we shouldn’t settle for good when we can have better.

New Year Resolutions1

You CAN’T afford to be this guy….It’s too expensive

Image source: Eagle.northwest, Postconsumers


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