Letter For The Teary Eyed


This is an old piece I did in 2015 that got on Linda Ikeji’s Blog. It is my wish for you. If 2015 didn’t work out as planned, I pray this 2016 will be better.

Dear Hurting Heart,

I write to your heart – bruised, scarred or broken – knowing that it is its heavy weight that has so heavily clouded your eyes. I know I have no perfect knowledge of how you feel; your pain is peculiar to you. I only hope that I find the right words to soothe you where my hugs can’t. I’m sorry life happened to you the way it did. I’m sorry you are going through so much pain. I’m sorry I really can’t do more than say how sorry I am.

I’m sorry if my sorry causes you to cry even more. I’m sorry I’m still talking though you wouldn’t mind if I shut up.

Be the brave one and do what I’m trying so hard not to: cry. Cry not because it is therapeutic or soul-cleansing. Cry because it is what you really want to do. Crying would only be a feminine thing were pain feminine too. Somehow, you’d find that doing what you really want to has a way of making you feel better. So go on Love, and cry as you will.

When your tears have had their freedom, I beg you to share a seat with me while I speak of a constraint. How long, Love, do you intend to cry? You could lie again to cry even more or you could walk with me let’s find new reasons to laugh. I can’t promise that you will never cry again. But I can tell you that the sun shines with all its might even when it knows it still will rain. If life must go on, then so must you. God made today fully aware that there would be tomorrow.
I know these are easy words for such hard pain. I only hope this really helped.

With Love,

Image Source: AestheticAspirations


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