How Best To Get High

Getting high

First off, I’m really sorry it’s been a while I dropped something here. I could be a very playful person and all the while, I was letting my head play around how to match producing content and distributing content. Now my head is done playing, my heart is playing with the resolution to just do what I set out to do when I decided to start this blog.

Seen that picture that says “I get high on intelligent conversations”? That’s one paragraph of an essay on me and I know I’m not alone in this. This blog sets to create another platform for those conversations, such that even when we are sharing our two kobo on “frivolities”, it is intelligently interesting.

I could have called this “Joy’s Two Kobo”, but I know even the best wine cellars can’t keep all the finest vintage. I’ll love you come with your bottle and bottomless glass to this modest crib where we can exchange wines and get high on the finest things together, all the while filling this empty, noisy world with the louder, meaningful clinking of our TWO KOBO wine glasses.

Should there be something that you’ll love so dearly to cling glasses with someone else over, you can reach out to me in the comments’ section or mail me at and we’ll bring it on here. In so far it makes sense to you, there’s definitely someone out there it will make sense to. You will find that there’s no monopoly of thoughts; let’s share yours here.It is exactly as you call it: “MY TWO KOBO”. So, come on, let’s fill each other’s glasses. Cheers!Image Source: 123rf


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