Letter to my unborn daughter

Dear Daughter

Once on Linda Ikeji’s Blog and I thought again to share it here. What’s your two kobo?

Dear Unborn Daughter,
Never delude yourself that all men are the same. There are a lot of bad men everywhere same way there are a lot of bad women everywhere. Knowing that you are a good woman who won’t accept that all women are same, it is only logical that you reject that fallacy about men.

There is no evil a man has been accused of that a woman too hasn’t committed. Adultery, sexual harassment, domestic violence, child abuse, kidnap, murder, theft…. It’s too long a list, hon. It isn’t a gender thing; it is a human thing. The evils of the world are so well distributed amongst all classes that it may never be concluded which class is worse.

Hate the evils for what they are. Kick against them as far as your legs can push. Spend less time worrying about “the evil men”. Be wary that many of such thoughts can cook a hard-boiled biased bitterness in you. There are still some good men around. The kind who will tuck the kids while you go to bed early ’cause you’ll wake up early. The kind who won’t mind making dinner even on a normal Tuesday, just because. The kind who wants to live happily ever after with the woman who met him at the altar, not Cinderella he chilled out with at midnight.

Spend more time building yourself into the kind of woman that deserves that kind of man. That way, the bad men can’t have you. They simply won’t get you in the first place. Be careful not to live your whole life for the man you’ll marry or are married to. Focus more on being happy. A happy man will find you and find home.

Live a happy life, heartbeat. You deserve it.


Image Source: Helloneverland


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