Dear Christians, drop the argument

Is there God

Dear Christians, there are many things you shouldn’t argue about and a big part of them is matters of faith.

I don’t think I can ever participate in such arguments because I’m not sure I’ll win. In fact, I would more easily convince the best skeptic that education is the key to success, though we have seen more men succeed without it than with it. But believe me when I say I believe in God a zillion times more than I believe in education. Borrowing the words of C. S. Lewis, “I believe in Christianity [and God] more than I believe that the sun has risen. Not only because I see it but because I see everything by it”.

The thing is, in arguing in favour of education, I could offer many provable facts and figures but what fact can I offer in argument for God? The matter of faith and religion is not one to be subjected to logic and intellectual discourse. There is a reason it is called “faith” (belief) after all. It is faith, a total experience….

But if I should make an attempt to convince you, I’ll tell you a story of my life – not what I read in the Bible or what a minister once said – my own undiluted experience of him and hope that somewhere along the storyline, you’ll see him walk by. But if that should fail, I can only hope that just as I found him, you’ll find him too…in yourself.

You might say it is madness to believe in what cannot be seen or proven and indeed you are very right. Yet, I borrow the words of Kobena Eyi Acquah, “if madness nurtures such lucidity [such inexplicable emotions], God make us mad – make us even more mad”!

Image Source: ItsOneLife


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