Letter to My Unborn Son

Dear Unborn Son

Dear Unborn Son,

A lot has been said and written to unborn daughters mostly to prepare them for or against boys. “Keep away from boys, they are bad! But make sure you find a husband early and be the best wife ever.” I feel fewer words would have been spent on advising the girls as victims if a few had been spared to teach the boys not to be preys. I insist: it takes two. So this, sunny son, is my little contribution to the sparse literature to the unborn heroes called “sons”.

We will do things differently, Sonny. Brace yourself to clean, wash, cook and do every chore as your growing hands can hold, not because I intend bridging a “gender gap” but because I don’t see what is “gender-ish” about it. We will talk a lot about girls and how you should be a good husband so you can make eternal bliss happen with a good wife.

You’ll have sense – sense enough to love your ego and get more sense from it; sense enough to order and romance with the same mouth; sense enough not to steal from a girl because she left her doors open; sense enough not to be stupid because stupid girls throw themselves at you; sense enough not to punish your wife with your nemesis from being single, young and wild; sense enough to know cheating is not economically wise or medically safe; sense enough to know there’s a reason you didn’t buy a slave but married a wife; sense enough to do everything with plenty sense.

In a world where everyone wants to do what everyone else is doing to be trendy, you’ll be different. You may not open doors for ladies but you’ll leave them feeling you threw perfumed roses at their every step. Should you find ladies who do not value themselves as much as you do, be selfish enough to respect them still as your pride shouldn’t permit any less. The society will see all these and seek to pressure you into acting or thinking like “a man” as they know it, but become your own society and act like a reasonable man as they should live it.

Sonny, these goose-pimples fatten at the mere thought of the radiant brightness you’ll shine!

Proudly loving you,


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