There is this big rubbish some Christians do

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As Christians, everything we are taught is built on faith. Faith in God, faith in life after death, faith in miracles, faith in Jesus’ resurrection, faith in the second coming…. Even topics that at first seem not to be about faith almost always find their way back to faith – love your neighbour in FAITH that he is the Christ you see, forgive your enemies else your FAITH and prayer would not be enough to grant you eternal life, love your country in FAITH that it will get better….

Somewhere along those lines too, we are taught to have FAITH that there is nothing that happens to us – good or bad – that is not the will of God. You see that rubbish I mentioned in the topic? This is the very teaching that becomes those Christians’ justification for doing it.

Don’t get it twisted. I totally believe and even more love that we Christians have got that distinct hope in God being in charge to get us through this messed up world. My big issue here is some Christians do not lean on this grace as a source of strength but as a very ridiculous backdrop to blame God for every mistake they make/made that has led them to the current mess they are in. I’ll explain.

You meet a Christian woman who maintains it is because God has so willed that her shop has not expanded and she still struggles to pay the rent. Do a teeny weeny research and you’ll find that she has this foul attitude to customers that stinks like uncharitable fart that is wrongly granted freedom. More examples: the young man who has neglected all good advice and failed in all his businesses; the student who knows more rap lyrics than he knows his textbook names; the middle-class employer with ojukokoro for expensive things and akagum for savings and investment. I could go on but I trust you get the picture. Different instances but one thing is constant: they all say it is the will of the Lord.

Permit me to add this line to the teachings on faith: have faith in yourself so you’ll be confident to accept your mistakes as what they are and not blame it all on “the will of the Lord”. Puhleaassse, stooopeeet!

Image Source: Accelerated Development



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