I don’t support gender equality…well…kinda

Gender Equality

Contrary to common knowledge, there are many women, not just men, who despise and would never support gender equality. Not because the invisible but surprisingly all-powerful society made them to, but because they have chosen that perception for themselves and will defend it like a hungry lion will its meal. I support such women and totally, totally agree with them.

We humans have a super power for messing up words and their meanings. Take love for instance. A beautiful thing. Till humans came along and teenagers started getting pregnant in the name of love, older girls aborted in the name of love, young men killed in the name of love, educated people defended homosexuality in the name of love and many others became unapologetically stupid in the name of love. We moved from loving love to…being…cautious…about…love. And so it is with gender equality.

Gender equality, as it is misconstrued, will never be achieved even in the most liberal society. The woman can NEVER be equal to a man simply because the Lord made it that there are some things one gender just has to be better at than the other and so help each other cover up for the other’s lapses. He is not the Nigerian government that he should unnecessarily duplicate functions. Though there are exceptions, the man is mostly stronger while she is more emotionally inclined; he mostly “helps” make the babies, she mostly “helps” raise the babies; he lifts the table, she tells him where it will be more beautifully placed.

Gender equality is perfect…if we get it right. That he says he supports gender equality does not mean he will make the beds while she goes to work or that she will rather marry her money than marry a man. It is NOT gender supremacy. It means they could both carry the table and both decide where to put it. It means the argument should not be “whether he is a man or she is a woman” but “whether it is right”.

Does Nigeria need a good president? Yes. If the good president be a female, should she be ruled out because she is a she? No.

We shouldn’t go: “Adultery? Okay na man. Leave man….ahh na woman, kill am!”.

I still like some aspect of the supposed “gender inequality” though. I like that she is expected to cook and he is expected to pay the bills. I like that when the other gender does that “unexpected”, it has this touchy sentiment to it. With the rate at which this boring world is going, we could still make do with a little “awwww” once in a while.

The man is not better than the woman nor is the woman less than a man. They are just…perfectly…balanced.

Image Source: Now Grenada


4 thoughts on “I don’t support gender equality…well…kinda

  1. Well said but in my opinion, d female gender is getting d better share of this gender equality thing…maybe it’s because they are smarter(eg the writer of this piece) or sometimes in the process of trying not to be bias, dey get d better jobs…my point is, what can be done in a situation whereby a woman earns more than d man, should he still be d “provider”?


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