We Should All Be Selfish!!!



I once read in a Machiavelli’s The Prince that certain vices, when properly ‘executed’ could become vices and virtues too could, when mismanaged could become vices. We have for so long tried to teach selflessness, putting others first and ourselves, but man according to Hobbes and what I have gather in my short life is unrepentantly selfish

Even when he claims he does something selflessly, he does it in the long run for himself. He says he pays his tithe because of God when in truth he wants to demand answered prayers from God as payback – a selfish end. He says his charity works are a service to humanity even when he tells us of all of them and claims to encourage us by his own deeds – a selfish show-off. He says he fights for his country, for her tomorrow and her generation unborn when he really fights for himself, for now and his pride – a selfish misdirection

Having preached selflessness and it has turned out not to work so well, I hereby propose that we create a new scheme: WE SHOULD ALL BE SELFISH. We already are selfish and this would only be speaking honestly, glorifying our vain pride in hopes that we cannot be ashamed to gloat about it and do what we have love more than being selfish – satisfy our vain ego and try to outdo one another in being selfish

We should say, ‘do not kill, not because it is evil, illegal and inhumane, but because the old goat’s dirty blood will stain your hands and ruin your white shirt which worths more than his life’

We should say, ‘do not lie not because it is immoral and utterly ridiculous but because it is a waste of your time and energy, and lying to someone makes it look like you are scared they might beat you silly and that’s so chicken’

We should say, ‘give, be charitable not because it is good and human but because that beggar on your street is a sight you should do well not to keep’

We should say, ‘do not dress nude, not because it is immoral and indecent, but because there’s global warming and climate change and all the bad things happening to the weather and you don’t want your skin to get damaged by all that’

We should say, ‘do not curse someone out and hurt their feelings, not because it is unkind and wrong but because you are bigger and better than that person and speaking to, about or with that person is beneath you’

We should say, ‘do not avoid drugs and excessive alcohol not because you it is not fun but because it could burn your organs and kill you slowly and make you dash those silly doctors your hard-earned benjamins’

We should say, ‘do not avoid crime not because you don’t know the smart ways to not get caught but because people are frustrated and would lynch anything to take out their frustration and that’s worse than jail’

We should say, ‘do not not engage in pre-marital or extra-marital sex not because it is unholy but because you could get one of the many STDs and Zika just got on the long list’

We should say, ‘take care of your old parents not because you love them and owe it to them but because you don’t want to ruin your reputation of not having enough to take care of just two dry mouths’

We should say, ‘raise your children right not because that’s your duty as a parent but because it is shame on you if that child becomes labelled a whore, a thief, a miscreant’

We should say, ‘try not to go to hell after you die, not because we can prove there is a hell or because you love God, but because if it turns out to be true, you surely don’t want that ugly, fake, boring, self-proclaimed evangelist of all persons laughing at you from heaven’

Selfless isn’t working. Common sense is liquid gold. Development is more science than human. The lines between right and wrong have been blurred. Guess we could speak the language of the world and hope to convince them, ‘Selfless is boring. Let’s be selfish’.

Gosh. I’m tired.

Image Source: GirlsGetSelfish


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