Don’t Get Used To This


Once upon a time, when an AUNTY, irrespective of her age, gets pregnant outside wedlock, it was an “earsore”. Discussions on it were abruptly halted in the presence of children. Now, there’s no news in that, nothing awkward, as we are presently getting used to teenagers getting pregnant for fellow teenagers, elderly loves and literally, their fathers.

Even without planning to, when you live by a toilet, you get used to the smell. The oyibos understand that and are subtly selling all shades of shit to the world. Though we revolt, we are slowly getting used to it. Consider that almost every song, almost every movie tells us of homosexuals as love, good ol’ love – no more, no less.

We shift uncomfortably in our seats, hiss, curse but soon, we are back to enjoying the rest of the programme and all is forgotten. But check again, you don’t complain so much every time, you are losing strength and even without knowing, getting used to it. Getting used to it – that’s the problem, a really big problem. We need to stop getting used to shit. We are already neck-deep in too many.

Image Source: Slide Share


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