“Two wrongs don’t make a right but three lefts do”

Two Wrongs

Hehe. He slapped the driver with his left hand. Hehe. An RRS official slapped the keke driver and it sounded, “Tawaii!” Hehehe. I know I shouldn’t find it funny that a uniformed man acted without civility with a civilian but there’s so much madness on the street and I have never seen dialogue with a madman work completely. Or have you?

Some time last month, I witnessed an army man slap a LASTMA official…I think with his left too. Being a soldier, his own slap sounded “Gboooo” and provoked inexplicable restoration and prompt repentance. Our akpu LASTMA dude went all akamu. That slap made my day. It sadly wasn’t legal, but for the offences committed by the LASTMA dudes, it felt like justice.

The “tawai” slap didn’t cause my keke driver quick redemption. Few minutes later, he was committing the same offence for which he was slapped. Maybe he needs a quick “Gboooo” so as to save lives that might be involved in the accident he and his mad driving may cause. Maybe to train this monkey, you just have to act like a monkey.

Image Source: Wober


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