Lessons from my jeans story


In my final year, there was this jeans I had. It was not the only one I had but it was one I really loved. With the look I saw in its cozy blue eyes and how it hugged me so tenderly, I was convinced that it loved me just as much. So, I lavished my care on it. I didn’t scrub it too hard, I found a perfect spot in my wardrobe to enthrone its royalty, I ensured it was as comfortable as comfort could be. It was not regal or breath-taking that I should love it so, but this Rose had found her Jeans Jack and that was all that mattered. I would take my jeans to the dinner in the first class dining area and still go dancing with it in the third class party. We were an item!

But suddenly, my jeans love died. No forewarning, no icebergs, no shipwreck. It died…just like that. It suffered from having a tear no bigger than a double O at a very public place. Wearing it that way would have been disrespectful to its honourable life and disgraceful to me but I couldn’t bear to bury it immediately. I still kept it in its revered spot in my wardrobe, regularly gazing at it, recalling and missing our beautiful experiences together. After a while, it felt selfish not to let it die in peace, so I pushed my Jeans Jack into the ocean, promising never to forget it. That was one mistake a little clairvoyance would have completely averted…I should never have let my jeans go.

If I had known any better, I would have held on to my Jeans Jack, for few years later, a rescue boat will arrive and it will be called RIPPED JEANS. The double O cut on my dear jeans would have counted for nothing as Ripped Jeans would make it fashionable to buy jeans with bigger, more obvious tears. If I had known this day would come, my Jeans Jack and I would have lived happily after.

Dear unborn child, learn from my mistakes. Do not to take the world too seriously. It is too unstable, too inconsistent, too unsure to base life decisions on. All that was unacceptable – from the little double in my Jean to babies outside wedlock to homosexualism – has become trendy with stylish names – ripped jeans, baby mama, ‘gay is the new black’. Recognize the times and make your decisions ignoring them. Forget what the society says or thinks and live from your heart. So long God sits there, you will do all the right by your Jeans Jack, rest assured, the world will catch up.

Image Source: Pinterest

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