10 commandments for the girl who dates my brother

1. He is the guy you chose to date though you knew there were other finer, richer guys. You shall not have any other man besides him.
2. You shall not have for yourself any special-friend-that’s-just-a-friend friend. You shall not have such a friend that will make up for his human excesses or flaws. You shall love the whole of him and work out your own love story or you shall not love him at all and keep away from him.
3. You shall not take his deep deep love in vain, for I, his sister, cannot guarantee not to do you what he cannot do to women.

4. Remember his soft spot for you and keep it holy. You shall have a very large heart with which you can love the rest of the world so deeply, but there must be a special place in that heart where he reigns supreme. In that place, he shall sit unrivaled and even the handsome princes who seek his throne would need not ask before they know they stand no chance.

5.‎ ‎Honour his father and his mother (don’t forget his siblings too) that your days may be really long in the relationship the Lord has so richly blessed you with.

6. You shall not be cheat.
7.You shall not make an attempt to wreck him financially.
8. You shall not be evil.
9. You shall not bear false witness/knowledge of all men being the same because you shall be smart enough to know better.
10. You shall not covet another woman’s man or another man’s wife’s jewel, house or spending spree but be content with what he provides and together, build your own.
Image Source: Winter Blue music
You’ve heard my thoughts. Let me hear yours in the comment section below. *winks*

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