Go on, give up

Dear Darling,
Of late, you’ve been saying so much about being tired to your bones and wanting to give up. And I, on hearing those words, turn up all my superhero switches and run to rescue you with words, hugs, kisses and prayers.
You are fine for a while and we are fine together. But just when we are leaning back to finally exhale, life happens and you are back to wanting to give up again. Then my superhero comes out. Then you are fine and we are fine. Then we are back to where this piece started.
But this time, there’s a twist right there. I’m not here to tell you not to give up, that the sun will soon shine and your rainbow after the torrential rains will be all shades of bright. For a change, for your sake and mine, I’m here to actually tell you to give up.
Consider this: you’ve tried all there is to do – you’ve prayed, you’ve worked, you’ve worked and prayed, you’ve followed the rules, and, being creative, you’ve dotted your t’s and crossed your i’s – but nothing…nothing worked. The world doesn’t deserve any of your beautiful ideas but you have bled your sweats just to bless them with them, yet, see how miserably they have rewarded you. Heaven knows you’ve tried‎. You’ve done all there is to do but one: give up. So, here and now, I passionately propose that you finally give up.
Should it sound any different now it comes in a voice that’s not yours?
See, darling, except there was never something to give up on in the first place, giving up is not as easy as it sounds. If you’ve dreamed like I know you have, then you’ll find that even when we give up on our dreams, our dreams don’t give up on us. Our precious little dreams haunt us till they become our broad-day nightmares. Our dreams are not exaggerated fantasies from overly dramatic minds but a futuristic projection of our best selves. To give up on our dreams would mean that we give up on ourselves – our future selves – and with self preservation being the greatest instinct of man, it should not be possible that it will be easy to give up.
But then, what do I know? You’ll have to give up first to discover these things for yourself. Since you’ve said I won’t understand, then I guess all that is left to say is: go on, give up and I look forward to seeing you fail at giving up.
Images Sources: Wikihow and LinkedIn

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